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Bondy 17209 Pregnant Night Dress Set

Bondy 17209 Pregnant Night Dress Set
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Bondy 17209 Pregnant Night Dress Set
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Note :
if you have any doubts about choosing the right size for you, you can leave a note for us saying "I want help choosing the size " and we will contact you over your phone number and give you all the information you need to choose the correct size that suits you.



One of the things that most women need to give birth is the puerpera. Bondy dressing gown is a product that will help mothers with their breastfeeding feature. Produced using “A quality” fabric, the product helps to get through the pregnancy easily. With its special cut, you will be comfortable with the lohusabahlık nightgown that provides easy breastfeeding .

The Bondy lohusa nightgown set, which every mother uses with admiration, is a must-have in your wardrobe, a must-have for you to survive the postpartum period comfortably and comfortably. Bondy dressing gown for mothers with the cheapest and attractive price for your pocket To discover why they admire the product you can order from our reliable shopping site , are shipped on the same day and delivered to your address in a short time.

The Bondy dressing gown picks the nightgown with many conveniences;

  • * Made of A quality fabric.
  • * Front buttoned.
  • * Easy breastfeeding.
  • * Lace long sleeves.
  • * Comfortable and comfortable.
  • * Square collar.
  • * Does not harm your health.
  • * No color, no color.
  • * Does not feather.
  • * Can be combined with Lohusa Slippers and Lohusa Crown .
  • * Beautiful color options
  • * Same day shipping
  • * Payment Options
  • * Payment at the door
  • * Different payment options


Note: If you can not decide on the size, it is enough to write orum I want information ünde in the “note” section when ordering . Our team of experts will call you at your contact number and give detailed information about the mold and mold size of the puerpera team .


Lohusa nightgown with a dressing gown that can be worn comfortably during pregnancy and provides easy breastfeeding thanks to its special cut during Lohusa (Lactation) period

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